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Filmproduction BERLIN

SILBERSALZ Film is a international known Film Production from Berlin, Germany. We produce high-quality films that are convincing in terms of both content and visuals. Founded and led by two DoPs, Thomas Bergmann and Kyrill Ahlvers. Our highly skilled team of filmmakers, includes directors, DoPs, producers, art directors, creative writers and editors. We love film and use our passion to tell compelling and visual stories.

Creative Agency

SILBERSALZ Film is more than just a film production, we offer problem solutions in a full service package. Together with our customers we develop campaigns according to your wishes and ideas. For this purpose, we not only produce unique films, but also provide strategic consulting. We develop strong campaigns from conception to roll out. Whether online campaigns, optimized for paid media and social media or classic for TV and print, we think 360 degrees. We place a special emphasis on engaging stories, good entertainment and exciting visuals. We work with exciting brands and visionary companies from Stuttgart, in Southern Germany and all over the world.

Love for analog Film

Our love for analog film, is an important part of our filmmaking. That’s why we decided to bring analog film back into the commercial world, as it is mostly used in Hollywood movies. In addition to our digital campaigns, we shoot more and more of our films on real Kodak Vision 3 Cinefilm. Because nothing tells vivid stories like celluloid. Analog film has an incomparable look that beautifully brings out skin tones and highlights in particular, giving our films their cinematic aesthetic.


In recent years, we have built our own film lab. With SILBERSALZ35 we have brought a service back to the market, which has disappeared more and more in a niche in recent years with the rise of digital photography. Through SILBERSALZ35, photographers worldwide have the opportunity to shoot real cinefilm in their analog cameras. We take care of the development and scanning in a simple all in one package.

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