LIDL DE - Campaign



Our “Frühaufsteher” image film for Lidl Germany accompanies Lidl employees from all departments on their way to work. Even though the target group of the film referred to the head office professions, it was important for us to depict the overall image of Lidl. With over 3200 branches and 39 logistics centres in addition to the new headquarters in Bad Wimpfen, Lidl offers a large number of diverse professions. For the first time, the new headquarters unites all departments from IT to purchasing, real estate and marketing. Lidl as a whole is characterised by a strongly pronounced sense of togetherness, which is particularly evident in the cooperation between the various departments. Lidl “Frühaufsteher” celebrates the team spirit and drive that the employees demonstrate every day.

A project like this, which is made up of a diversity of people, was a challenge during the Corona Pandemic. In an online casting, 15 people from different departments and cities were selected from over 100 different real Lidl employees for this project. In the realisation of the project, we decided to travel with a small team. This decision supported the documentary style of the film and allowed us to flexibly accompany real Lidl employees in their everyday life all over Germany. The film was shot mainly in the mornings and evenings at blue hour.

Both the team and the actors were tested every day.

21 Departments.